If your license has been revoked or suspended,

you may be eligible to request a hearing. The hearing scheduled through the DMV, and can be requested using one of the forms found here. There are many reasons that your license may be suspended. The most common usually occur as the result of a DWI, driving on a suspended license, or the accumulation of points. It is important to have a DMV hearing attorney who is familiar with the DMV hearing process with you at your hearing so that you are fully prepared.

The DMV hearing is conducted by a DMV hearing officer, who will ask questions to you and your witnesses about the behavior that led to the suspension. The DMV Hearing officer wants to ensure that you are a low risk to have your license suspended once again.

Having a DMV hearing attorney allows you to know what to prepare for before your hearing so that you may fully mitigate and prepare for restoration while maximizing your chances and timing for restoration. Having an experienced DMV hearing attorney will allow you to know what questions to anticipate, how to mitigate or increase your chances of success, and go over your driving record to ensure that you're actually eligible for the hearing.

When successful, you may be given a conditional restoration which isn't a full restoration, but allows a driver to get back on the road and to be in the position where he/she can satisfy certain conditions that will allow for a full restoration.

Some of the factors that should be discussed with your attorney before scheduling a DMV hearing are:

  • Clearing up any pending charges or unpaid tickets or FTAs (failure to appear)
  • Having witnesses prepared to be present and testify on your behalf
  • Having any fees ready to be paid
  • Will an ignition interlock or continuous alcohol monitoring (SCRAM) be required?

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