If you are required to appear in court, you may ask yourself- "What Should I Wear to Court?"

Appearing in court can be very nerve racking, whether you are a criminal defendant, plaintiff, or a witness subpoenaed to testify. One thing you should always strive for, no matter your part in the judicial role, is to look your best. Attire can be a big deal and it is important to take it serious.

Does this mean I need to wear a suit?

Although a professional look is often applauded, coming to court in a full suit, for either a man or woman, is not always necessary. For example, if you are appearing as a criminal defendant for a traffic ticket, we recommend a business casual look. On the reverse side, if you are a criminal defendant for a misdemeanor appeal or felony case, we recommend a look much more sophisticated and professional due to the fact that you want to impress the jury and judge.

Tips for Men

For men, slacks or nice jeans (with no holes or designs) with a tucked-in button down shirt, or polo shirt, accompanied with dress shoes is a good look. If you feel as though you need to look more proper, adding a blazer to your outfit could do the trick.If you want to wear a suit, that is appropriate, as well. We recommend that you wear a more casual suit, unless you are a criminal defendant in a misdemeanor appeals or felony case.

NOTE: pajamas and graphic shirts with profanity on them are NOT allowed in the courtroom, nor do they have any place in the courtroom.

Tips for WomenWomen have a good amount of options as to what they can wear to a court appearance. A woman can wear slacks with a nice blouse; a knee length shirt with a nice blouse; or even a knee length business casual dress accompanied with a blazer or a cardigan. We recommend wearing flats with any outfit, as there could be some distance to walk to and from court, however, low high heels would also work. As for make-up, a natural look is highly recommended, as any court appearance is a serious occasion.

What NOT to wear

It is NOT recommended to wear any clothing with graphic art, spaghetti straps, or shorts of any kind. Neutral tones are also suggested for both men and women. If you wear jewelry, it should not be overbearing and excessive.

I Do Not Own "Nice" Clothes: Now What?

We understand that not everyone has a reason to own nice clothes like we have described above. If you do not own a suit, or clothes that amount to a business casual look, we recommend wearing jeans (with no holes or designs) and a plain t-shirt or collared shirt.If you have questions or concerns about what to wear to court, do not hesitate to contact Hall & Dixon PLLC. We can help you you get the best result in your case, while looking your best

Ronard Dixon Jr

Personal Injury & Criminal Defense