Issa Hall's experience

Issa Hall is a prominent entrepreneur, startup founder, television personality, author, and lawyer with a profound dedication to protecting your business while advising on how to make it a success the first time. As the founding attorney of Hall & Dixon, he has established a reputation for his comprehensive understanding of starting profitable businesses and and his unwavering commitment to delivering tailored legal solutions.

Issa's practice encompasses a wide spectrum of business-related matters, including business formation, web development, gaming, entertainment and employment contract negotiations, and business development and strategy. His approach is characterized by a meticulous examination of the legal intricacies involved in each case, ensuring that his clients receive the best possible representation.

Throughout his career, Issa has achieved favorable outcomes for his clients through negotiation, mediation, and litigation. He is known for his skill in identifying legal strategies that effectively address his clients' concerns while striving to achieve just resolutions.

Issa is who you call when you have a business idea and don't know where to start. The difference between a failed business and successful business is in the information (and people) you have guiding you.


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Successfully created C-Corp and subsidiary LLCs for company and launched mobile application

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Successfully helped startup company incorporate, incorporate offshore network, and launch gaming platform

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Successfully negotiated television contract with major media network x2

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Successfully negotiated employment contract for C-Suite executive removing non-compete clause

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Successfully helped law firm client design, develop, and launch legal subscription platform

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