Sports, NIL & Contracts

Contracts, Negotiations, and Protecting Your NIL

Best: Have an attorney review the contract and negotiate on your behalf.

The same way that an athlete can easily defeat someone who is a novice in their sport is the same way a lawyer can easily defeat a non-lawyer when it comes to contracts and negotiations.

Contracts, NIL compliance, and negotiations are stressful and time consuming. In addition, the terms and fine print and negotiations create a lot of extra guess work for anyone not experienced with the procedures and deceptive practices often used by attorneys and people whose sole duty is to write and negotiate.

Better: Read over it in full and ask questions and negotiate better terms.

Anything contract you receive is written against your interests and in favor of whomever created it. This is an assumption that you must apply to anything that you receive from another party. Regardless of how friendly or pleasant your interactions have been, companies have lawyers who write contracts in favor and against your interests and it is solely your responsibility to read it and make an informed decision.

Worst: Signing without asking questions or reading the contract in full.

It's your responsibility to read over the contract, but you could be signing away rights to your likeness forever or leaving a lot of money and opportunity on the table. Please don't do this.

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