Restoring A License Suspended for Over a Decade

In one of the most complex driving license suspension scenarios one can imagine, a client approached us with an 'indefinite' suspension due to traffic violations, missed court dates, unpaid fines, and the accumulation of points spanning multiple counties.


Our client approached us thinking their chances of ever getting a license again were nonexistent. Client's driving record appeared to the client as having no chance of ever being restored due to numerous offenses and what appeared to be a permanent suspension. The client on a whim decided to take advantage of a free consultation and figured it was worth a shot to see if they had a chance, and it turns out they did.


We consulted closely with our client and created a plan and strategy for license restoration including the ability to pay in each stage which provided ultimate flexibility for our client. We were able to take a County by County approach, which alleviated the stress and anxiety of our client and helped to gain trust. By seeing the results and how quickly they could be obtained, our client gained confidence and excitement with each small victory every time we were able to get a case added back to the court calendar, negotiate with each District Attorney, get her fines reduced, and tell the court the story of her redemption.

Collaborative Approach

Our collaboration extended beyond the initial consultation, our client's success depended on him trusting us every step of the way and complying with court fines and not picking up any new offenses. Our client felt informed and comfortable with the legal process and her decision to trust us with her future.

Advocacy Amplified

We want nothing more than to deliver the ultimate victory for our clients, and by restoring our hopeless client's driving privileges, we not only got him back on the road but we empowered a father to be able to transport her children safely to school, opened up job opportunities for him, and showcased the power of advocacy and the legal system.

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